Want to build a successful business... Dan gets it.

With a cheeky and efficient approach to rapid growth & brand development Dan sets a new standard for tailored (read all about you) business strategy, development and automation - the sexiest way to make more money and have more time!

Dan is known for his ability to think outside the square and come up with solutions which are easy to implement. His hands on approach means that tears and chair throwing are kept to a minimum.

As a creative guru Dan is humble and adaptable. With a portfolio of photography he can tell what's pretty and what's not, but even more importantly, what sells and what doesn't.

A serial charmer (much to his girlfriend horror) he is known for connecting people. He might not be the best at copy writing, but he knows a few people who are...

Dan reads well, it's true, but you should meet him in person! Give him a call and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Down to earth, efficient, 'get's it' and ridiculously good looking.

The newest revolution in entrepreneurial support. Igniting the passions and determination of entrepreneurs all around the world.

As the founder of the Outerspace Network Dan has used his knowledge in business development and brand direction to team up with global leaders. Together they have built a mentoring and support platform which stands apart from the competition.

With a 2 day 'Business Ignition Lab' program and a fool proof 12 month business acceleration program businesses go from surviving to thriving. First accelerator intake set to launch Feb 2015.

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You're right this page is really plain jane with nothing too special about it (that's the point).... But seeing as you have scrolled to the bottom of the page & still reading this...
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